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A. Lindroos

My first strength and conditioning coach who showed me the right path in how to be a real professional athlete. And you showed me the right path in what kind of physical level I should have to reach my goals some day as a professional athlete. I have seen a lot of coaches and can tell you that you are a real professional in what you do!!

D. Azikejev

During the break I talked with other racers in the 1006km competition and asked how do they feel. Most of them answered that they are like on the threshold: unbearable heat, stress, forces on the body... I anticiapted this therefore 6 months in advance I started to prepare myself physically. It is a myth that sauna with friends will prepare you for the demands of the sport (maybe it helps just psychologically). The truth is that good physical condition, many cardio training sessions, supplements can help to combat those demands. The result of 6 months training was obvious. After an hour of racing (where HR is ±180 BMP), I just washed my face and was able to give an interview and without planning had to come back to the car to continue driving for some extra time. For all these Superman powers I want to express my gratitute my personal coach online Stasys (Balticmove) - you rock and I appreaciate you! I recommend him to everyone!


Tadas Sedekerskis

We met in Spain for the first time. Since then we are working together and now we even work via internet.

Stanislovas is ready for every training and they vary from day to day depending on many factors. Also I know the „why, how and what“ of all exercises that I do.

But the most importantly we work a lot on my previous injuries which gave much of confidence on the court.


Luka Svilar

I had a great privilege to mentor Stanislovas...twice! As intern, due to his amazing social skills and empathy, Stan quickly bonded with athletes I was coaching, what definitely made an impact on better work environment.

​ Things that I like the most about Stan are his enormous passion for learning and desire for constant improvements.

Stan is definitely one of the guys who makes me better with every meeting and conversation we have.

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