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For High Schoolers & students (online)

Many years I have helped high schoolers and students to improve their body and mind.

Common issues that I see in their development:

1) they don’t have access to strength and conditioning coach

2) they believe what they see on social media as valid source of finding new exercises

3) very little emphasis to correct technique of exercises and no model of long-term athletes’ development.

 As a strength coach many years specialising in training young athletes like you, I'm thrilled to offer an exciting online training experience that will empower you on and off the field.

I will provide personalised workout plans via TrueCoach app to enhance your athletic performance, whether you're into team sports or individual competition. With our flexible platform, you can balance academics and other activities while pursuing your fitness goals (100% guaranteed or I will send the money back)

I'll be your mentor, guiding you through this transformative stage of life. Join now and you'll find unwavering support and motivation to boost your confidence and discipline, setting new records and reaching your full potential.

Unleash your athleticism and embrace the path to success – your journey to a fitter, stronger, and more accomplished you can start today!

Due to quality service limited to only 15 people

(2023 Dec - 11/15)

***Button below will lead you to questionnaire that I use to determine if I could help you.

Elevate Your Fitness with Premium Personal Training!
(online and on site)

Your problems?

Are you tired of juggling a hectic schedule and compromising on your health and fitness goals?

Do you find it challenging to dedicate time to working out amidst your busy lifestyle?

Hard to schedule in your workouts and need extra push to stay motivated?

I understand the struggles that busy individuals like you face, and that's why I am excited to present our premium personal training program tailored specifically for those aged 35-65. Working online with the app and when possible on site together individual training sessions. 


Maximize Time: tailored program fits your schedule. No gym commutes. No wasted time. Just results.

Expert Guidance: Certified trainers, personalized for your age and goals. Your success, our priority.

Customized Approach: Your unique plan for real progress. No guesswork, all efficiency.

Stay Accountable: We're your partners. Regular check-ins, constant support. Your wins, celebrated.

Age-defying Fitness: Designed for 35-65 age group. Renewed energy, vitality, and confidence.

Invest in You: Premium pricing, lifelong returns. Unleash a healthier, stronger you today!

Ready to transform?

Click button below, leave your info and I will contact you. 



You will achieve your goals in 3 months or I will send your money back (no catch)

Limited to only 1 person

***Highly priced option.


Small group training in Vilnius (on site)

For everyone interested in working together but not online - find me in Vilnius, AmberCrossfit gym.

If you are interested in trying training sessions together with me in small groups (up to 5 people) - click button below to fill the questionnaire and I will contact you.

In price included:

1) program,

2) gym membership,

3) my attention

4) advices on all areas related to health

5) personalised program online via special App during your vacation or business trip (if needed)

Click button bellow to fill the questionnaire and I will contact you.

Prices range 145-205€/month 

3 spots left

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