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"People don't hire a coach. People hire a person."

Who am I?


I really enjoy life itself and there are many things that I enjoy in life! First I do work a lot and I really like providing great service to people. My work/life balance doesn't exist because it is one thing for me. Also, I struggle to relax and I am always on the "go go go". However, I am trying.


In order to relax I'm all about living life to the fullest through lot's of different kind activities. Whether going down the hill with the snowboard, exploring nature's beauty on a hike, or just going for a run in the countryside.

But here's the twist—I have a weakness for all types of sweets! Just mention something delicious and you'll see my eyes light up. Maybe it's the perfect counterbalance to my action-packed lifestyle.

Along everything, my compass always points to family. Honestly, I have missed many celebrations (birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc.) and it took many years for me to calibrate it but... Nothing warms my heart more than spending precious moments with my loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This is me as a person. In my journey called life I try to seamlessly blend work, the excitement of an active lifestyle and the joy of savouring every sweet moment. 

If you struggle with finding time to exercise and all the information about health and sport is overwhelming - do not stress and text me. I would be happy to help you. When NOW would be good time to start exercising?

***Click button below to fill the questionnaire and start your journey to better health. If I do not have space for you, I will help to find a person who could take care of you.

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