Tadas Sedekerskis (TD Baskonia;

Lithuanian national basketball team player)

We met in Spain for the first time. Since then we are working together and now we even work via internet.


The coach is ready for every training and they vary from day to day depending on many factors. Also I know the „why, how and what“ of all exercises that I do.


But the most importantly we work a lot on my previous injuries which gave much of confidence on the court. 

Luka Svilar
(PhD, Head of Physical Performance coach at BC Baskonia; author and speaker)

I had a great privilege to mentor Stanislovas...twice! As intern, due to his amazing social skills and empathy, Stan quickly bonded with athletes I was coaching, what definitely made an impact on better work environment.

Things that I like the most about Stan are his enormous passion for learning and desire for constant improvements.


Stan is definitely one of the guys who makes me better with every meeting and conversation we have.


Martynas, Lithuania

Excellent coach, giving his 100% of attention and knowledge to clients. Professional.


Alex, Switzerland

I had to stop playing basketball due to injuries. Then I met this coach and within 6 months he helped me to go from 0 to 100! If you are down for any reason that guy will bring you up!


Rokas, Lithuania

Stan has been helping me out for last 2 years. He always listens to client needs. Seeks mastery in his work and it reflects to his clients results. His advises aren't limited only to sports area, he never forgets to point out recovery, sleep, nutrition importance for results in performance and in overall life quality.


Sigitas, Lithuania

Coach at its best. Very responsible and  empathetic. He does not only show how to exercise but also will take his time to explain why particular exercise is important for me. I undoubtedly recommend this incredible person



University of Hartford

I worked with Stan for one season at the GBA. I had a long-term injury at the beginning of the season, but Stan helped me get back in shape very quickly. During our trainings, I really enjoyed the constant change of exercises and the fact that in weightroom I involved muscles that I was not used to exercising before. He also helped me a lot with lower back pain. He prepared a great jump plan for me, which helped me a lot. He is an expert in diet, sleeping and knows what is best for our bodies. I'm glad I was able to work with him.



Catawba College

Stan must definitely helped me with things to open and loosen my body up. My hips and groin aren’t as tight as they were thanks to Baltic Move! I can properly do squats low now! I’m actually much more explosive than I was due to his workouts and tips about explosion and jumping!



University of Mobile

Coach Stan helped me with better understanding the process of getting stronger and having the right plan for each day. He would always tell me that I need to focus more on the right technique than the weight and that is a big thing. Really important thing for me was also to be able to differentiate between the right pain and the pain I should not have. Coach helped me outside of the court as well with the way he lives. Always happy and focused on getting better every single day at his craft and blocking things he doesn’t want in his life and making it look easy



Northern Oklahoma College

I had the opportunity to work with Stan(Balticmove) last season in Get Better Academy. He was helping me in many ways like gaining weight, sleeping, and nutrition. When I was lifting weights in the weight room he was helping me with my technique and breathing during these exercises. I had problems with my ankles but he gave me exercises about what should I do to improved my ankle muscles and these exercises helped me a lot during the season to prevent my ankle injuries. He was monitoring our sleep schedule to know if players rest enough and at the end of the week he was sending us results. I had a problem also with gaining weight but he recommended me what supplements should I use and how should I improve my meal plan. He was always so helpful and I'm glad a had opportunity to work with him.



Northern Arizona University

I had a chance to work with coach Stan last season and I totally recommend him! He always listen to the players, he knows everyone needs and he's always willing to help. I had problem with lowback pain and knees last year - coach helped me with those two, and every session he was making sure I'm not hurting myself even more. He's working with everyone individually and he clearly loves what he does, going to the weight room was always exciting. I'm glad that I was working with him!

Jyväskylä Basketball Academy


Andre, Northwest college

Last season was though on me with couple of hip, hamstring and wrist injuries.
Even though I was out for around 3 months total that didn’t affect our work in the weightroom. Your knowledge on what exercises to do even when you’re injured are out of this world. I have never been in a better shape than after working out with you, and special thanks for giving me the proper exercises to fix my problematic hip.
Thing I admire most about you is your work ethic, it’s as good or even better than in any athlete I’ve had a chance to work with before.

Thank you coach Stan!
No excuses.


Alon, Israel

I dont know how to put it down in a short way actually. There are couple of things that I want to thank for. First is that I felt that I could ask you anything and that you will have an answer about it and I asked a lot of questions. You always gave me alternative exercise for anything I couldn't do. Secondly, you expanded my knowledge more than just how to do exercises, you tried to help me being my own trainer and even revealed the walking advantages for me:). Most importantly is that you really cared about me and you been there for me when I needed and did your best. 

You have set the bar pretty high, i doubt I will meet someone like you soon