Are you a basketball player who...


1) wishes to maximize game performance?

2) wants to minimize injuries risk?

3) doesn't know what to do in weight room?

Then I can help you.

Why strength coach could help you?

Even a few exercises done in weight room consistently could be a key of success in a long term. I believe you (or your daughter/son) want to play basketball for a long time with maximizing performance on court. Thus, I recommend find a good strength coach for yourself (or your daughter/son). 

Why strength coach online could be solution?

Hiring a strength coach is a big investment (very important though!). Online coach could be good solution. Since you have everything online, you can do your training sessions any time and anywhere. Also, the price is significantly lower in contrast to private sessions.

Why me?

I do care about you using the program, therefore, I have full refunding and guarantees if you will not take advantage of my programs (check FAQ). My passion is to help and it took me several years of work abroad and couple of years to record all exercises with the descriptions. They are easy to understand and athletes are sure that no harm is done due to poor technique.

Women Training Outdoors

  • Program is based on your level and preference (vertical jump; strength; muscle mass; first step etc.);

  • Program is based on previous injuries and equipment you have ;

  • Quick communication via phone.

  • 4 spots are left.

*** Book free of charge call with me and let's talk about your goals!


Personal Online coaching

What others say

Tadas Sedekerskis (BC Neptunas)

We met in Spain for the first time. Since then we are working together and now we even work via internet.


The coach is ready for every training and they vary from day to day depending on many factors. Also I know the „why, how and what“ of all exercises that I do.


But the most importantly we work a lot on my previous injuries which gave much of confidence on the court.