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Are you a person who wants to exercise but...

               1) you don't know what to do?

               2) you feel overwhelmed with advises from friends/internet?

               3) you feel that you don't have enough time?

Then I can help you.

Why coach could help you?

A good coach could help you to improve your well being by improving certain joints range of motion. Also, correct exercise technique will strengthen muscles which will reduce load on joints and, hopefully, less physical pain will be present.

Why strength coach online could be solution?

Hiring a coach is a big investment (very important though!). Online coach could be good solution. Since you have everything online, you can do your training sessions any time and anywhere. Also, the price is significantly lower in contrast to private sessions.

Why me?

During my career I have noticed that many people are lacking basic movement patters. Some of my clients implemented them in they daily life and pains (low-back especially) had disappeared. I am not here to cure pain but I can guarantee that I can make your life more healthy and most likely with less physical pain.  Therefore, I have full refunding and guarantees (check FAQ). I am here to help, not to collect money. All exercises are recorded in video/audio formats what can confirm that no harm will be done due to poor technique.


Personal online coaching

  • Program is based on your level and preference (vertical jump; strength; muscle mass; first step etc.);

  • Program is based on previous injuries and equipment you have ;

  • Quick communication via phone.

  • 4 spots are left.

*** Book free of charge call with me and let's talk about your goals!


What others say


Stan has been helping me out for last 2 years. He always listens to client needs. Seeks mastery in his work and it reflects to his clients results. His advises aren't limited only to sports area, he never forgets to point out recovery, sleep, nutrition importance for results in performance and in overall life quality.

Rokas, Lithuania