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I am currently working as performance coach at Get Better Academy in Czech republic. My responsibilities are (1) preparation in strength and conditioning; (2) rehabilitation for all academy players; (3) recovery enhancement.


Prior I did internships at BC Baskonia (Spain) and Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (Boston, USA).


Besides coaching I give seminars for upcoming or current coaches at Lithuanian Sport Academy about functional training and development of physical abilities.  

Originally I am from Lithuania but my passion has taken me to work at many countries: Finland, Croatia, Spain, USA and Czech republic. Travelling and meeting variety of coaches with different philosophies helped me to broaden the way I look at sports and at performance in general. Regardless of all the trips I did military service in Lithuania as a volunteer where I received Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion’s Major awards.


I have realized early that exercises and sport is just very small part of coaching process. Therefore, I possess several certifications (CSCS, FMS, PN etc.) that help me not only in training clients but individualizing the program and attacking the area that holds back one the most.