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Stanislovas (Stan) is a strength and conditioning coach.


Stan has worked with badminton, ice hockey and floor ball athletes. Most of his experience is basketball related that range from  youth athletes up to Euroleague level. 


He has worked with basketball players at 5 different countries and some of the players were from national teams (e.g., Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech republic and others). 

Lithuanians gonna hate.

What others say


Luka Svilar
(PhD, Head of Physical Performance coach at BC Baskonia; author and speaker)

I had a great privilege to mentor Stanislovas...twice! As intern, due to his amazing social skills and empathy, Stan quickly bonded with athletes I was coaching, what definitely made an impact on better work environment.

Things that I like the most about Stan are his enormous passion for learning and desire for constant improvements.


Stan is definitely one of the guys who makes me better with every meeting and conversation we have.